Music Videos That Are (Literally) Right on the Money

Music Videos That Are (Literally) Right on the Money

There are so many music videos out there that are just about the artist dancing around, but what about music videos with a story to tell?


One of our favourite types of music video are those set in casinos, where bright lights or hard-done-by narratives thrive, making the video exciting to watch – kind of like a film.


Fun fact: If you love a music video set in a casino Nigeria isn’t the place to look. Most of the casinos that get featured are in gambling capitals like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, like the Bellagio.


Music videos we love

Here we have a list of five of our favourite music videos that are quite literally right on the money. In the order they were released, they are:


Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler”

This is an odd one to start as it falls into the ‘country music’ category and isn’t set in a real-life casino, instead choosing the theme of an at-home card game. Kenny Rogers released “The Gambler” way back in 1978 and the accompanying music video was the first of its kind. Most music videos before this one were loose on theme and usually just featured musicians singing in a studio. This is the music video you have to thank for all the casino or gambling-themed videos that came after.


Uniting Nations, “Out of Touch”

In 2004 we were given “Out of Touch”, a club classic by Uniting Nations. The music video for this track is, in its entirety, a game of strip poker. You’ll probably agree with us when we say that this music video probably belongs back in the 90s, but we can’t help but love its throwback vibe. Plus, “Out of Touch” remains a brilliant track that, to this day, you’ll hear remixed in clubs the world over.


T.I. and Rhianna, “Live Your Life”

2007 brought us “Live Your Life” by T.I., which was a collaboration with Rihanna at her peak. What happened to Rihanna? Anyway, this music video operates like a modern gangster film, with a coherent story that’s really engaging to watch. Even if you didn’t have the song to accompany this video, we’re sure you’d still understand the story. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.


Katy Perry, “Waking Up in Vegas”

Our final nostalgic favourite is 2009’s “Waking Up in Vegas”, which is of course by Katy Perry, who remains a fixture on the pop scene. We don’t like to leave the best until last, but this certainly comes close. The music video for “Waking Up in Vegas” is, again, all about the story, which features Katy and her fiancé running around Las Vegas after winning big on a laundry room slot machine.


There you have it – some of our favourite music videos set in casinos, or with a casino theme. Take some time to watch each one for yourself and see if you love them as much as we do.


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