Why Caste Matters In Sexual Assault

A 19-year-old Dalit woman who had gone missing on December 31, was found hanging from a tree in Modasa, Gujarat on Sunday, January 5. The victim’s family has accused four men of gang-rape and murder....

A caste society is inherently violent in nature, and when it comes to Dalit women, the violence perpetrated on them is the most brutal.
As much as one may slam media houses for mentioning the caste factor in rape and murder cases, there is no doubt that it plays a major role in violence against these women. 

For Dalit women, violence is almost always associated with their caste positions, and also depends on how they behave within the system. For example, their resistance to or dissent towards the caste structure often triggers the violence.

This violence is not just meant to control women, but also to carefully maintain the caste structure.

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