Police continue to demolish chhau sheds in far-western region

Police administration has intensified the campaign to demolish chhau sheds where women are banished during their periods, ancient social tradition still in practice, in the far-western region.

Even though chief at District Police Office, Bajura, Tanka Prasad Bhattarai tried to convince a local woman sitting inside one of such sheds about banning of the traditional practice by the government, the woman declined to come out.

“We are compelled to sit outside as the society would not tolerate women sitting inside the house during mensuration,” Kunwar said, adding, “we do not have any alternative other than to sit inside the house as police have also warned to take action against those practising the tradition.”
The campaign was launched with urgency in far-western districts of the country after a woman died inside a chhau shed in Achham district in early December. Numerous women have lost their lives in the region over the years while staying inside menstrual huts, commonly from suffocation, extreme weather conditions, and snake-bite.

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